Casino Club at The Greenbrier

greenbrierThe Greenbrier Resort offers both casino and poker play. The adress is 300 W. Main Street, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

The casino, with its 103,000 square foot of floor space, was opened in the summer of 2010, but the resort it self is considerably older and rife with American history. There is for instance a (now declassified) bunker here, once built to house the U.S. Congress in case of emergency.

The Greenbier Resort is a 5 star resort with several fine dining venues, an exclusive spa, and more. It is home to the The Greenbrier Sporting Club and The Greenbrier Golf  & Tennis Club. There is also an 85,000 square feet convention area on the premises.


The casino has 320 slots and 35 gaming tables. Many of the casino guests are staying at the Greenbrier Resort, or are members of the The Greenbrier Sporting Club or The Greenbrier Golf  & Tennis Club.

Dress code: Resort Casual is permitted until 7pm, after 7 pm the dress code is jacket.

Casino games available






3 Card Poker


Slot machines

Opening hours


11 am – 3 am


11 am – 3 am


11 am – 3 am


11 am – 3 am


11 am – 3 am


11 am – 3 am


11 am – 3 am


There are two poker tables, both offering Texas Hold’em. The tables open at 7 pm Monday – Sunday.

Dress code: Jacket.

For more information about poker at The Greenbrier, call (855) 453-4858.

Greenbrier Royale

Greenbrier Royale is a high limit gambling room at The Greenbrier.

Drink service starts at 6 pm. Enjoy top shelf liquor and excellent wines.

For more information, call (855) 729-3778.

Contact information for the Greenbrier

Phone (304) 536-1110
Toll-free phone (800) 453-4858
Twitter @The_Greenbrier

Restaurants and Cafés

Really close to the casino

  • In-Fusion

    In-Fusion serves the cuisines of various parts of China, Japan, Korea and Thailand – including highly sought after sushi. This restaurant is located within the casino and is therefore only accessible for those aged 21 years or older.

  • Café Carleton

Overlooking the casino, Café Carleton serves tapas, small plate appetizers and other types of light fare. Chose between over 50 different wines to complement your meal. This café is a perfect choice when you feel a bit peckish during gambling, but isn’t in the mood for a heavy meal.

Other choices

  • The Greenbrier Resort Main Dining Room

    The Main Dining Room is an upscale restaurant with both Southern food and International food. In the mornings, a lavish breakfast buffet is available.

  • Prime 44 West

    This is a classic American steak house with table side preparations. Enjoy aged beef and fresh seafood along with ingredients sourced from the 43 acre Chef’s Garden at Greenbriar.

  • Draper’s

    Dedicated to the amazing Dorothy Draper, this restaurant serves Southern food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of the ingredients are sourced from The Chef’s Garden at Greenbrier. One of the most popular orders is the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich with chevre, spinach, smoked bacon, shaved red onions, mayo and black pepper.

  • The Forum

    This is an upscale trattoria with classic Italian dishes and wood fire oven pizza. Gluten free food is available. Many of the ingredients are sourced from The Chef’s Garden.

  • Sam Snead’s

    Located at the Golf Club, this restaurant is only opened seasonally. Enjoy steak, seafood and other great tasting dishes prepared in the open show kitchen. The hand tossed pizza baked in the wood fire oven is a favorite among many golfers.

  • The Greenbrier Gourmet Coffee Bar

The Greenbrier Gourmet Coffee Bar serves premium coffee with pastries, sandwiches, fruit, snacks and more.

  • Tree Tops Café

    Tree Tops Café serves hot gods, ice cream, smoothies, shakes, sandwiches and other snacks for a pool side picnic that the entire family will enjoy. For the adults, there is sparkling wines and coffee.